Training yourself to act assertively is similar to learning a new language. It takes a great deal of effort and practice. But even if the process may appear slow at first, with practice it will become your second nature.


This workshop puts assertiveness in context and offers practical, thoroughly researched and tested advise. Through thoughtfully presented examples, we will support you in moving towards a more positive sense of who you are, and to achieve a healthy balance between passive and too polite “I am not here” and too aggressive “My needs are above all” behaviours.


Because assertiveness sounds rather complicated, we will translate it into 5 simple concepts to remember:


1: Assertiveness = Confidence

Believe in your own capabilities

Love yourself first

Be responsible for your words and actions


2: Assertiveness = Communication

Understand conflicts

Lead to solutions

Allow everyone to win


3: Assertiveness = Consciousness

Understand your self-defence mechanisms

Understand the self-defence mechanisms of others

Act consciously beyond the mechanisms


4: Assertiveness = Positive thinking

Work on positive image of yourself

Create positive language

Develop positive attitudes towards the world


5: Assertiveness = Conflict resolution

Remember that you have the right to your own opinion

Remember than everyone around you has this right

Find ways to integrate conflicts