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Our workshop expands the ability of participants to share the responsibility for the quality and development of the organization. Enhancing communication skills on the basis of the WIN-WIN model, empathy and the overall understanding of the company’s goals, we build up individual potentials, stimulating creativity and innovative thinking. We target the languages spoken, the cultures represented but also personalities and expectations.


Our workshop improves the flow of business communication and leads to overall synergy effect by focusing on the required etiquette. We target the ability to understand cultural differences and negotiate conditions with respect towards diversity of knowledge and experience of everyone involved.


Our workshop targets specific knowledge of business cultures involved in the organisation. We provide solutions with respect to the required behaviour, understanding of mentality and comfort of everyone involved.

How to become a Scrum Master?


What is Scrum?

Scrum is a growingly popular management method (AGILE), alternative to the traditional way of running a company, project or organisation. It is a flexible form of management based on tools used in innovative and out-of-the-box projects. Scrum provides endless possibilities with respect to problem solving, e.g. the adaptation of a product to specific requirements, and is usually referred to as a framework of the process. Scrum allows for the implementation of the so-called sub-processes, which display the very complexity of a product development, beginning with the vision, the first forms of the product, and then its alternations and corrections based on the close cooperation with the client, and finishing with the creation of its final version. The final version of the product in Scrum is the sum of 3 cooperating characters: Product Owner, who makes decisions about the product development, Development Team responsible for planning, organisation and execution of work, and finally the Scrum Master, who brings everything together by supporting all parties while removing obstacles, resolving conflicts and facilitating work.

Who is a Scrum Master?

Scrum Master’s role is often controversial because despite his/her masterful function, s/he does not manage or control anything. Scrum Master is a mindful guide, whose task is to identify the needs of the environment (team, organisation, client, shareholders) and provide the necessary support. Scrum Master teaches the team how to achieve independence and be responsible. S/he is open, attentive, shows understanding and helps others in their self-development.

How to become a Scrum Master?

The best of the best Scrum Masters are on a continuous path of self-development and growth. Scrum Master must excel in communication skills, demonstrate assertiveness, empathy and humbleness. After all, 95% of the time s/he will be talking to people. Scrum Master is guided by means of observation, intuition and experience. Our workshop focuses on what Scrum Master should know about him/herself and about others, how to maintain positive energy and manage relations between the external and internal world of the company or organisation.

Business English & German 


English or German language course focusing on business-related vocabulary and context

Our workshop revolves around the concepts of intercultural communication and business etiquette in a direct relation to the specific cultural background of your clients or business partners. The knowledge of business cultures, in addition to language skills, is the key to achieve success in an international business environment. Our workshop aims at increasing your qualifications as well as enhancing your personal development based on the opportunities that emerge from the international context of your workplace.

Our workshop also provides individual consultations with respect to your professional  profile, including key elements of verbal and non-verbal communication.