Marketing & Networking


We create connections between international companies and people in a wide spectrum of sectors. Our clients include Swiss, British and Polish companies.

Global-local interactions


Knowledge of business cultures and intercultural communication. Personal growth and business relations through community ties and local-global interactions. We create and help developing international partnerships. 



Our clients are financiers, artists, people associated with the world of theatre and literature, as well as managers of corporations, banks and international enterprises.

We focus on the uniquness and diversity of cultures as well as interpersonal relations. With us you will neither go on a safe vacation to Croatia nor rest on a Greek island. You won’t book an English course in Oxford. What we offer is a deep experience of being here and now with the world, of knowing how we influence and shape it, and how the world is shaping us in return.


We offer meditative trips to Iran, visiting temples, working on yourself during desert expeditions, hiking in the Nepalese Himalayas, commitment to protect the animal and nature world in South Africa and communication without violence on all continents of the world with people who want more from life.


Our clients choose individual packages. Each of them can be used within 6 months, and the payment can be divided into convenient installments. We offer a preliminary free 30-minute orientation meeting, during which the client chooses exactly what (s)he needs. The process of working on oneself is primarily aimed at giving pleasure and feeling that progress is being made in achieving life goals, perhaps even to the end of undefined desires, and yet all the more exciting experiences associated with traveling always deep inside onerself.


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