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Intuitive Painting with Tom Sha'yan

Updated: Feb 7, 2020


Language has often its limits. Colours, shapes, and paintbrushes enable new ways of communication – communication with ourselves, with the subconscious. You can communicate with your subconscious by spontaneous, uninhibited moves of your paintbrush. Merging paints reveal your emotions and say more about you than anything you could expect. You don’t need to know how to paint or use paint utensils to create a painting that reflects a true essence of your inner self.

Intuitive painting will help you express your individuality. You can be yourself, without any restrictions or learned behavior patterns. No feel for paintbrushes? You can spray your canvas or use your hands to paint. Canvas in front of you will become your own private space, where anything can happen. Remember, there is no judgement in the realm of intuitive painting. SO, you don’t bother about any criticism. You can be fully yourself.

During the workshop you will learn how to communicate with your inner child – your best friend, about whom you might have forgotten. You will feel part of your spontaneous child, who reveals honesty to yourself and communicate with your adult self through the colours and shapes. You will focus on your inner self, set your emotions free and simply begin to smile towards yourself.

Workshop will be led by Tom Shay’an, an artist who uses unconventional methods in order to reach into your inner potentials. His work has been appreciated by press and tv (“Sens”, “Wróżka”, “Miasto kobiet”). Tom is also an academic teacher. See also an awesome interview with Tom here:

Workshop only for adults. Price for two days workshop (10h, 5h a day): 450 PLN. Price includes materials: canvas, paints, brushes.


If you're interested in Vedic Art workshop, join us on 27 - 28 th of January 2018!

Book online:

or contact us: or (+48) 519 110 698

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