• Justyna Sempruch

Symmetra hoody 2017 goes global

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The famous Symmetra hoody 2017... How did it begin? The idea was simple. As we travel, we take the hoody everywhere we go... From Poland to China, from China to Italy, from Italy to Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia and then back to Europe and from there to Cuba, Canada, and the United States.

Another thought was not to make it too obvious and ... well. The hoody proved so useful in various climates that the pictures of it are far more accidental than planned. And somehow, when you put all these stories together, there is a lot.

To start with, there is the most romantic waters of all: the Baltic sea. Nostalgia and the new beginnings.

Then there is Nepal. Himalayan thoughts of blissful returns.

And the New Years Eve. Hel Peninsula, a very special narrowing of land.

China. Shanghai, fascinating, incredible, and yet so simple.

Toronto downtown, cold and fragile - as usual.

And back to China. The Great Wall and its strangeness.

And at some point, Cuba. A particular case of Caribbean climate, of its kind in every sense.

Ongoing, Himalayans.

Over and over again.

Plus, Middle Africa.

And the South.

South Africa, one of the northern biospheres.

And Nepal, again.

Finally, this picture needs a separate story: How did I end up sitting in a open-space bathtub with a top model in South Africa (wearing my Symmetra hoody) ?

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