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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Where do we come from?

For many years, teaching at the university, I have been surrounded by the language of philosophy and art. When I fell in love with Sebastian, my life companion, he was just about to embark on his path of banking career. We were both curious about each other’s worlds and whenever possible attended our events and conferences together. And while Sebastian was getting familiar with the theoretical nature of academic speech, I was learning the practicalities of business presentations. At some point we began to exchange our observations and create a common ground between the various disparities, gaps and disconnections.

Many years and lots of crossing of continents later, my departure from full time academia was decided. I started this very company. To be precise, it was actually Sebastian, who opened it with an idea of multiple businesses. Not being sure which one would be the right catch. So, the company was given a possibly most generic name and I was asked to chair it "for a moment". As time showed, no one gave it any attention and so, Komunikacja Polska stayed underdeveloped and empty of business for months. For me, re-thinking my career, this was undeniably a challenge and an opportunity, so I began to imagine what I could do if I were to truly take it over.

I began to think, to draw and to collect people across the world, mainly following my my heart. Graphic designers, sociologists, writers, travellers, psychologists, artists, photographers and business people... The result was incredible not only because I thought it was amazing but because other people became attracted to my way of thinking. Immediately, everything started to happen. And although I was not even ready, the company took some real place just like that. From the idea of a connection to the real touch down. Travelling began, psychology classes and counselling opened, graphic designers sent their visions, photographers shot fantastic pictures, businesses called internationally. To be at the right place and time is what I thought was the case. But there was more to it.

To be truly alive, is to follow your heart. When and how would you know how to do that? I believe that the time is abstract and that the moment arrives independently on any rationalised expectations. It arrives and you are ready because of your heartbeat, your inner energy flow and your dreaming. You see the colours, shapes and possibilities and they are stronger than any of your excuses or regrets. You discipline yourself and take joy in every action. This is when the travel in time and space begins. Simulteneously, this journey takes place in your reality. You connect, express yourself and breathe.

Where are we going from there?

There are no universal prescriptions, no overall guidelines. When things happen, they do. We are in touch with individuals, companies and enterprises who share our credo. You can be a person searching for your path of life. You can be a company planning to grow in the prosperous direction, or you can be a community in search of a connection to a larger system. The path is clear as long as you know where you want to be. We only suggest directions.

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